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Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019

Kellie-anne is pleased to announce that she will be Sound Designing for the upcoming Productions of Batmania by The Very Good Looking Initiative and Dazza And Keif Go Viral In Space With Ya Mum at the 2019 Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019

Kellie-anne has a busy month ahead, operating for the production of Double Denim: Adventure Show for the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This is every Contiki Tour that has ever gone wrong. Jumanji meets Absolutely Fabulous. No map, no shame, a little bit of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Performed at 8:40pm at Underbelly Cowgate from 1st-25th. She will also be operating for Princess Party (10:30pm) and Late’N’Live (1am) at Guilded Balloon Teviot.

Besen Family Artist Program announced

The recipients for the Besen Family Artist Program for 2019 have been announced. Kellie-anne is proud to announce that she has been selected for Sound Design. She will be shadowing Malthouse’s production of Cloudstreet.

Women In Theatre Program announced

Kellie-anne has been selected as one of 14 women, one from each field, to partake in the 2017 Women In Theatre Program with Melbourne Theatre Company. She has been selected as the Sound Designer/Composer for the program.





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